Clear Emulsion SPF 50 – 50 ml

Clear Emulsion SPF 50: the best high protection sun cream for the face

Discover the Clear Emulsion, the best sunscreen to protect the skin of the face. Its high protection (SPF 50) is an ideal sunscreen to block the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. The skin is repaired, protected and moisturized.

The Clear Emulsion solar protection:

  • Protects the skin from the sun’s rays, even the most intense,
  • Moisturizes in depth,
  • Slows down the skin aging,
  • Is anti-brown spots,
  • Does not leave white marks after application.

Clear Emulsion sun cream is water resistant. It is guaranteed paraben-free, fragrance-free and mineral oil-free. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Enriched with antioxidants, moisturizing and repairing active ingredients, the Invisible SPF50 sun protection is with you all year round, from summer to winter. Go out protected!

Choose Clear Emulsion SPF 50 to keep your skin healthy and beautiful! Radiate health with this invisible sun cream.

Active ingredients

The Clear Emulsion sunscreen uses Vitamin E as an anti-ageing plant-based active ingredient. Its strong antioxidant power slows down skin aging. The sun is aggressive for the skin. Its rays dry out the epidermis and accelerate the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

With Clear Emulsion sun protection, the skin of the face is protected against the oxidation of the cutaneous tissues. The epidermis is more supple, smoother and firmer. It better resists external aggressions related to solar radiation.

Thanks to Vitamin E, the cutaneous barrier is reinforced and helps the skin to preserve its beauty (and its youth).

Soya oil has remarkable moisturizing properties. Keeping the skin well hydrated is necessary for its health. Ultraviolet rays quickly dry out the epidermis. This can be seen in dehydration, wrinkles or flaking.

Thanks to Clear Emulsion sun cream, you can keep your skin moisturized all day long! In addition to your daycare, this sunscreen provides the hydration that the skin needs. It keeps the water inside the cutaneous tissues.

The skin gains flexibility. It becomes 100% more luminous!

Tiara are flowers that have so many benefits for the skin. This active ingredient is:

  • Very nourishing,
  • Repairing,
  • Softening,
  • Antiseptic,
  • Soothing.

Its action is multiple. In addition to moisturizing and nourishing dry and reactive skin, Tiare flower purifies and eliminates imperfections. It improves healing and soothes redness and irritation. Used in oil, it is ideal as an after-sun care.

Used in the sun cream Clear Emulsion, it enhances the tan and prevents sunburn. It makes the epidermis softer and smoothes the skin texture.

Tiara flower extract is a precious active ingredient for all skin types.

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Description of the sun cream Clear Emulsion SPF 50

The sun care Clear Emulsion SPF 50 for the face is the essential ally of all the skins. It protects it from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Sunburn, brown spots, poor healing, skin ageing… All these unsightly and sometimes dangerous consequences for health can be avoided.

Use Clear Emulsion sunscreen to keep your skin radiant and healthy. Never expose yourself without sun protection!

Apply this day care before makeup and after your face care. It is an excellent base for makeup. Its light texture does not stick and does not leave an oily sensation. It does not leave any white mark.

This sun protection has multiple actions. In addition to protecting the skin from the sun rays, it constitutes a true care of the face. It hydrates, repairs, smoothes, nourishes the skin. More than a protective barrier, it is an essential skincare product in one’s care routine.

The Clear Emulsion is :

  • Water-resistant,
  • Paraben-free,
  • Perfume-free,
  • Mineral oil-free.

It exists in a tinted sun cream version. The Porcelain Tinted Emulsion SPF 50 protects the skin from the sun and smoothes the skin tone thanks to its light coverage.

The Clear Emulsion has no color pigments. It has a very natural effect on the skin.


Why should I wear sunscreen?

Add sunscreen to your skincare routine. This simple, lightweight product will have miraculous effects on skin health. Sunscreen prevents :

  • Premature skin aging,
  • Dehydration of the epidermis,
  • The deterioration of imperfections,
  • Hyperpigmentation of the skin,
  • Burns and irritations,
  • Cancers and skin diseases related to sunlight.

Avoid exposure to the sun between noon and 4 pm. The rays are stronger and more aggressive at this time of day.


Which sunscreen should I choose?

Floxia offers three sun creams to support you all year round. Choose the sun protection best suited to your needs:

  • Clear Emulsion SPF 50: a sun protection without coverage and without white trace for the face. It is applied like a cream.
  • Porcelain Tinted Emulsion SPF 50: a tinted sun cream that evens out skin tone and reduces imperfections (scars, pigmentation spots, acne).
  • Clear Fluid SPF 50: a sun care product for the body in a spray format, very easy to use and ideal to accompany you in summer. It protects the skin of the body.

Discover our range of Protexio sun protection products, all made in France. Their active ingredients care for the skin and protect it from UV rays.



Clear Emulsion has a light creamy texture. It looks like a day cream and is easily applied to the entire face. It does not stick, does not clog the pores and does not leave an oily feeling. It is colorless and water resistant.



Plastic bottle equipped with an unscrewable cap.

Contains 50ml.

Made in France.

100 % paraben free

100 % without perfume

100 % without mineral oil

100 % good for the skin

Advice for use

How to apply the sunscreen Clear Emulsion?

Apply Clear Emulsion SPF 50 sunscreen everyday and especially before each exposure to the sun. Take a small amount of the sunscreen and spread it all over your face. Reapply regularly, especially after swimming, sweating or wiping.

If you use this sun care product in your skincare routine, apply it after your facials and before your makeup. Apply the cream with your fingers. Don’t forget to wash your hands before using it.



The sun cream Clear Emulsion SPF 50 is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Do not expose babies and young children directly to the sun. Avoid contact of the cream with the eyes and mouth.

For maximum protection from sun rays, follow these recommendations:

  • Protect the skin on your face and neck with a wide-brimmed hat,
  • Put on a T-shirt when UV rays are most intense (between 12:00 and 4:00 pm),
  • Protect your eyes with sunglasses,
  • Use a high protection sunscreen (SPF 50) in summer or during prolonged exposure to the sun.


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Take care of your skin! After exposure to the sun, be gentle and give your skin all the moisture and nutrition it needs. In addition to proper sun protection, these products are essential to keep your skin healthy all summer long.


The sun cream Clear Emulsion SPF 50 is:

  • Protective,
  • Moisturizing,
  • Repairing,
  • Anti-aging,
  • Antioxidant,
  • Nourishing,
  • Soothing,
  • Purifying.
Efficacy & Results

Order the best sunscreen to protect your face

Clear Emulsion Sunscreen is 78 % waterproof. After swimming, the sunscreen remains active on the skin. It thus protects the epidermis in depth and for a long time. UVA and UVB rays do not attack the skin barrier when it is protected with Clear Emulsion SPF 50 sun protection.

The Clear Emulsion has a high protection factor. Its SPF 50 constitutes a resistant protective barrier. It prevents ultraviolet rays from destroying the hydrolipidic film or causing irreversible damage to the skin tissue.

With SPF 50, the skin is protected, repaired and moisturized. It retains its natural beauty and resists external aggression. Choose this 100 % excellent care for the protection of the skin.



*The lists of ingredients used in the composition of our products are regularly updated. Before using any of our products, you are invited to read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Made in France

Our products are 100% French, they are developed by expert laboratories and dermatologically tested with the utmost care. Their mission is to restore and enhance your skin by meeting its specific needs.

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