Hair Serum – 50 ml

Leave-in Hair growth Serum: anti-hair loss, revitalizing and repairing

The Hair Serum is the hair care your hair needs! This serum stimulates hair growth. Its formula enriched with repairing and stimulating active ingredients limits hair loss. Day after day, the hair is shiny and radiant with health.

The Hair Serum stimulates hair growth, but not only:

  • It is a complete leave-in hair care,
  • It effectively fights against hair loss,
  • It is a growth booster for your hair,
  • It strengthens and repairs the hair,
  • It deeply nourishes the hair.

Embrace beautiful and long hair with the addition of a few drops of this hair care in your beauty routine. Its triple-action limits hair loss, stimulates hair growth and repairs it from root to tip. Over the days, your hair is strengthened, silky, and light, as if you just left the hairdresser.

Say goodbye to falling out strands! With the Hair Serum, your hair regains strength and shine. Take care of your hair with the anti-hair loss Hair Serum!

Active ingredients

Procapil™ is a complex of plant-based active ingredients. It preserves the youthfulness of the scalp as well as the density of the hair follicle. The hair is thick, strong and healthy. This active ingredient stimulates blood circulation at the root level. It restores the quality of the hair. The hair does not fall out.

Procapil™ is very effective when fighting against hair loss. Added to the Hair Serum, it takes care of thin and brittle hair. This type of hair lacks strength. Its active ingredients nourish and repair the hair fiber. Application after application, the hair is strengthened. You can see it!

This complex of active ingredients helps erase sparse areas of the scalp. Its stimulating action accelerates hair growth. The Hair Serum, enriched with Procapil™, regenerates your hair.

Phylderm® is a plant-based active ingredient derived from hydrolyzed soy protein. It has stimulating and nutritious properties that are interesting for hair regeneration. Its toning action boosts hair growth. Its nutritive power nourishes, repairs and strengthens the hair fiber. The hair is shiny, but also more resistant to external aggressions.

Dust, pollution, or even the sun can be harmful to the beauty of your hair. To protect your hair as much as possible and keep them beautiful and dense, it is crucial to use a Hair Serum. The role of hair care products is to strengthen the hair follicle so that it is more resistant to oxidants. 

Thanks to the Hair Serum enriched with Phylderm®, the hair is supple and strong. Run your hand through your hair… No strands get stuck! Protected and nourished with the best ingredients, your hair is ready to face all obstacles. It is not dull, brittle or damaged anymore, but instead they become shiny, plentiful and silky.

Phylderm® reinforces the action of keratin, which protects and beautifies the hair.

Advice for use

Where to apply the Hair Serum to prevent hair loss?

Our Hair Serum is only applied to the scalp. Its revitalizing and toning action acts directly at the root.


Hair serum for hair growth: tips for use

Pour a small amount of the Hair Serum into your hand. One or two pumps are enough to take care of all your hair. Heat the treatment between your fingers, then spread it all over your scalp.

Insist on the areas affected by hair loss. Apply more serum to sparse areas, where the hair is thinner and weaker.

Gently massage the product into your roots. Repeat this routine morning and evening for quick results. This hair care does not require rinsing. It does not make your hair greasy or leave any sticky feeling.

For better penetration of the treatment, use the Hair Serum on damp or dry hair. If you wash your hair before, apply it after your Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo.

Suitable for colored hair.


How long does it take to get results?

This treatment for devitalized hair is used twice a day for at least 3 months, as recommended by a dermatologist. If no improvement is visible after several months of application, an appointment with a hair specialist might be considered.


Hair Serum: for which type of hair?

The Hair Serum is suitable for all hair types, whether straight, wavy or frizzy. This care is still thought for:

  • Brittle and fragile hair,
  • Thin hair,
  • Dull hair,
  • Hair loss.

This hair care can prevent male pattern baldness (alopecia).



The Hair Serum has a fine and light aqueous texture, like a fluid. It quickly penetrates the hair cuticle (the scale of the hair) to take care of the hair in depth. The texture does not stick and does not leave a greasy feeling on the head.

Apply only a small amount so as not to grease and overload the hair.



Bottle equipped with a spray pump.

Contains 50ml.

Made in France.

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What is the best hair serum?

Floxia Hair Serum is the best hair serum. It effectively fights against hair loss and stimulates hair growth. It acts in depth for a visible and fast result.

Applied twice a day to thinning areas of the scalp, it restores strength and density to the hair.

Easy to use, it fits perfectly into your hair care routine.


Which anti hair loss routine to adopt?

Floxia offers you a range of hair care products that take care of your hair. All our products are made in France. Their formula, enriched with diverse active ingredients, accelerates hair growth, strengthens its resistance and preserves its beauty.

Here is our 100% effective anti-hair loss routine:

  • Use the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo to nourish, regenerate and protect your hair. This shampoo is available for normal to dry hair and normal to oily hair.
  • Apply a few drops of the Hair Serum morning and night to treat, repair, and strengthen your hair at the root. 

For dandruff-prone hair, our Anti-Dandruff Shampoo purifies and regulates sebum excess on the scalp.

If hair loss is profuse and sudden and starts for no apparent reason, consult a doctor.


Why should I use a hair serum? 

Serums provide specific hair care. Floxia Hair Serum is designed to stimulate hair growth and limit hair loss. For this, it acts at the root and strengthens the hair fiber to anchor and thicken. Result, the hair is strong, abundant and silky. 

This hair treatment is suitable for people who experience hair loss or who struggle to grow their hair.

You should know that it is normal to lose hair, but this loss should remain light (between 50 and 100 hairs a day). Hair loss intensifies in autumn and spring with climate change.

The Hair Serum accompanies you throughout the year and supports your hair during seasonal hair loss. Keep your hair healthy for longer thanks to this formidable hair care!


*The lists of ingredients used in the composition of our products are regularly updated. Before using any of our products, you are invited to read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Made in France

Our products are 100% French, they are developed by expert laboratories and dermatologically tested with the utmost care. Their mission is to restore and enhance your skin by meeting its specific needs.

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