Intimate Cleansing Fluid – 200 ml

Intimate Cleansing Fluid: gently takes care of your intimate hygiene


The Intimate Cleansing Fluid respects and protects the intimate balance. It cleans gently the sensitive and reactive mucous membranes. Its light formula is guaranteed without paraben, dye, silicone and soap. It takes care of the intimate flora and improves the comfort.

The washing base of the Intimate Cleansing Fluid is of vegetable origin. Enriched in Lactic Acid and in Burdock Root Extract, excellent for the skin, this feminine care adapts to the physiological pH. It prevents the development of bacteria and fights the problems of intimate dryness.

Adopt good gestures with an impeccable intimate hygiene. Thanks to the soft Intimate Cleansing Fluid, you improve your intimate toilet and you find the right balance.

The Intimate Cleansing Fluid relieves the discomforts (irritations, itchings, tingling) and rebalances the intimate flora. Take good care of yourself with the Intimate Cleansing Fluid!

Active ingredients

ArgiSens® is a physio-vegetal complex rich in polyphenols. These molecules increase skin sensations. Added to the composition of the Intimate Cleansing Fluid, ArgiSens® improves sensoriality when the product is applied to the skin.

Polyphenols also have many virtues such as a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power. Perfect to take care of the epidermis, ArgiSens® helps the Intimate Cleansing Fluid to soften and beautify the skin of the intimate area. All this, without damaging it.

ArgiSens® is an ideal active ingredient to amplify the touch and sensory pleasure.

Lactic Acid is a member of the fruit acid family. It regulates the physiological pH of the skin and gently exfoliates it, without irritating it or causing tingling. Added in the formula of the Intimate Cleansing Fluid, the Lactic Acid helps the most sensitive skins to find an intimate comfort.

This active ingredient regulates the corneal layer of the skin. It is appropriate for the intimate zones prone to the discomfort and the imbalances. Moreover, the Lactic Acid maintains the cutaneous hydration. A hydrated skin is a skin radiating health!

Burdock is the friend of all skins! The Intimate Cleansing Fluid is enriched with Burdock root extract, which is very high in phytosterols and essential fatty acids. Herbalists recommend Burdock root to soothe skin rashes.

In the Intimate Cleansing Fluid, the Burdock root calms discomforts and imbalances. Its soothing effect immediately relieves itching, tingling and irritation.

Added to the composition of the Intimate Cleansing Fluid, the Burdock has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Glycerin has a strong hydrating power. It keeps the water inside the skin tissues, which helps the epidermis to keep its natural flexibility and elasticity. Glycerin also protects the skin barrier from external aggressions.

The Glycerin added in the Intimate Cleansing Fluid helps the women to find an intimate wellbeing. Its soothing power also has a repairing effect. It helps the healing of the skin and relieves all its discomforts.

Taste the pleasure of a light intimate flora and be free from any discomfort! With the Intimate Cleansing Fluid, wash your intimacy gently, without unbalancing it. Bring it all the balance and the serenity that it needs!

Advice for use

Intimate Routine: how to use the Intimate Cleansing Fluid?

Intimate hygiene is an essential step in your daily routine. It allows the elimination of all potential infections caused by microorganisms.

But how to integrate it into your feminine care routine? Floxia’s Intimate Cleansing Fluid can be used in the shower or bath.

  1. Pour a small amount of the fluid in the palm of your hands.
  2. Lather the product.
  3. Apply it to the intimate area (the area of the perineum only) to wash it gently.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.
  5. Avoid putting product inside the vagina.

It is advised to carry out its intimate toilet 1 time per day and 2 times per day during the periods of menstruation. The areas to be washed with the Intimate Cleansing Fluid are the vulva (labia minora and majora) and the anal area.

Always rub from front to back. Do not use a washcloth or sponge as they may contain bacteria. Wash your hands before using Intimate Cleansing Fluid.

It is not recommended to practice douching (cleaning the inside of the vagina), as it can destroy the flora and cause fungus.


What products should I use for my intimate hygiene?

Intimacy is the most sensitive and reactive area of the human body. It is very important to choose the best intimate care. The Intimate Cleansing Fluid is the ideal product to clean your intimacy without damaging it.

Its studied and analyzed credits help the intimate flora to recover from the undergone aggressions. They alleviate the discomfort and help intimacy to find the balance. Many products are available for intimate hygiene: cleansing gel, soap, foam, etc.

The Intimate Cleansing Fluid is distinguished by its lightness and its effectiveness. Very easy to use, it is suitable for all skin types.



  • Do not use a washcloth (may contain germs) to clean the intimate area,
  • Prefer a soft fluid without soap,
  • After cleansing, do not use perfume or deodorant (Intimate Cleansing Fluid helps reduce strong body odor),
  • If you notice vaginal discharge with an unusual appearance or a very unpleasant odor, consult a doctor,
  • Use a clean personal towel to dry your intimate area (pat it dry, don’t rub it so as not to damage it).



The Intimate Cleansing Fluid has a light and aqueous fluid texture. Halfway between a gel and a cream, the fluid leaves a soft and fresh sensation on the skin.

It is easy to apply and quickly penetrates the pores. It does not leave a greasy or sticky sensation. It does not irritate the vaginal mucosa.



Plastic bottle equipped with an unscrewable cap.

Contains 200 ml.

Made in France.

100 % without paraben

100 % soap free

100 % without dye

100 % silicone free


The importance of good intimate hygiene is crucial to avoid any infections. The Intimate Cleansing Fluid is a feminine cleanser with many benefits for the intimate zone. It :

  • Cleans the intimate flora gently,
  • Relieves the skin of discomforts (such as tingling, redness, itching, rashes, irritations, etc.),
  • Repairs the mucous membrane,
  • Balances the flora and maintains it in good health.
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Why is intimate cleansing important?

Intimate cleansing eliminates infections that can disrupt the vaginal flora. Microorganisms such as virus, fungus or bacteria can cause serious female problems such as fungus.

Intimate hygiene limits contamination and helps maintain healthy intimacy.

Intimate Cleansing Fluid also maintains the skin barrier of the intimate area. It ensures a good body odor, limits the feelings of discomfort as well as any other problem related to the intimacy of women.

If hormonal variations, sexual relations, tobacco, stress or contraception can disturb the flora, the Intimate Cleansing Fluid resets the balance. It cleans your intimate parts and restores their balance.

Of course, this strengthens the vagina’s resistance to infections.

Hormonal variations can also cause stretch marks. Our Striex feminine care line offers a Stretch Marks Cream that is ideal for taking care of your skin.


How to choose your intimate cleanser?

An intimate fluid is chosen according to its texture (gel, foam, fluid), its smell, its composition and its skin type. Choosing an intimate cleanser compatible with your problems is a good idea.

The Intimate Cleansing Fluid of Floxia is appropriate for all skin types and treats all the concerns relating to the intimate zone.

A good intimate care product must be hypoallergenic and have a physiological pH, as is the case for the Intimate Cleansing Fluid.

It is not necessary to use a traditional soap for the body to clean its intimacy. It would damage it and unbalance it. Always choose a specific care dedicated to the intimate toilet.


Our advice for maintaining good intimate hygiene:

  • Choose cotton clothes, which are more respectful of your intimacy,
  • Change your clothes as soon as they become wet,
  • Avoid clothes that are too tight,
  • Do not wear underwear to bed,
  • Avoid the use of panty liners, which can cause irritation,
  • Use unscented toilet paper,
  • During menstruation, avoid using scented sanitary pads,
  • Remember to change your intimate protection regularly.

Efficacy & Results

The Intimate Cleansing Fluid to clean the vaginal flora without attacking it

The Intimate Cleansing Fluid washes gently and takes care of the vaginal flora. It alleviates the irritated skin and is prone to discomfort. Its hydrating, repairing and rebalancing powers restore the balance of the intimate zone.

Without being aggressive, the fluid is appropriate for all women. It takes care of the sensitive skins. It is an effective cleanser against vaginal dryness and the benign infections related to the invasion of microorganisms and bacteria.

Avoid the fungal infections and take care of your intimacy thanks to perfect intimate hygiene! Order the Intimate Cleansing Fluid now to take advantage of its soothing and repairing effects.


Efficacy results

The efficacy results are obtained from tests carried out on 20 volunteers, selected by a gynecologist. All are women over 18 years old.

The fluid leaves a feeling of immediate comfort: 100 % satisfaction.

The fluid leaves a sensation of freshness: 100% satisfaction.

The fluid reduces the sensations of discomfort of the intimate zone: 100 % satisfaction.

The fluid reduces the problems of intimate dryness: 100 % satisfaction

The fluid soothes intimate irritations : 100 % satisfaction.



*The lists of ingredients used in the composition of our products are regularly updated. Before using any of our products, you are invited to read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Made in France

Our products are 100% French, they are developed by expert laboratories and dermatologically tested with the utmost care. Their mission is to restore and enhance your skin by meeting its specific needs.

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