Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion – 40 ml

Spot and complexion Control Micro Emulsion : removes brown spots and fights against hyperpigmentation

The Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion helps to regulate melanin production and to reduce skin pigmentation. The Micro Emulsion is adapted to mature & reactive skins. Its formula combines a patented active ingredients complex of Melanostatin-5® and Lumiskin® which reduces dark spots, unifies and illuminates the complexion. This night and day cream has several actions:

  • Reduce dark spots,
  • Control hyperpigmentation,
  • Unify the complexion,
  • Lighten the skin,
  • Smoothe the skin texture,
  • Improve healing,
  • Slow skin aging.

With the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion, the skin becomes radiant. This anti-dark spot treatment helps you regain confidence in both your skin and yourself!

For effective results, dermatologists recommend applying this treatment for at least 3 months.

Active ingredients

Melanostatine-5® is a powerful active ingredient for lightening and removing brown spots. It blocks the synthesis of melanin which is the cause of hyperpigmentation. As a result, the complexion is unified and more luminous, free of pigmentation spots.

Used in the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion, Melanostatine-5® illuminates the skin and reveals all its natural radiance. Its anti-spot action is impressive.

Applied twice a day to the face and areas affected by skin pigmentation, the anti-dark spot and complexion cream effectively controls hyperpigmentation.

Keratoline® smoothes the skin texture. It eliminates the dead cells that can be accumulated on the surface of the epidermis. It activates cell renewal, which results in new and revitalized skin. With its light peeling effect, Keratoline® smoothes the pores and eliminates dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation.

Keratoline® is especially appreciated in the manufacture of dermo-cosmetic care, because it does not cause irritation, redness or stinging. It fights against the imperfections, the first signs of the age and the pigmentary spots.

This active ingredient exfoliates and tones the skin, which retains its natural elasticity and youthfulness. The complexion is more luminous. Keratoline® has an anti-aging and anti-spot effect that activates cell regeneration.

Lumiskin® lightens the skin and reduces blemishes. When added to the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion, it lightens the hyperpigmented zones on the face, the neck, and the hands.

This lightening active ingredient is specifically effective on dark and brown skins. It erases dark spots to pave the way to a radiant skin and an even complexion.

The many benefits of provitamin B5 are endless. It:

  • Repairs the skin,
  • Soothes inflamed epidermis prone to redness and irritation,
  • Prevents skin dehydration,
  • Helps maintaining skin elasticity.

Also known as Panthenol, provitamin B5 is suitable for skins with imperfections, sensitive skins prone to discomfort and for damaged skins affected by hyperpigmentation. Its restorative and soothing properties relieve everyday discomfort. It is a very effective active ingredient to take care of your skin!

Added in a day and night cream, Panthenol strengthens and tones the epidermis. It protects the hydrolipidic film of the skin and maintains a good hydration. Day after day, the skin is more beautiful.

Vitamin E is the right ingredient for your skin! This natural antioxidant ingredient prevents the aging of the epidermis. Its anti-aging power is undeniable: it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, fights against skin slackening and dark spots caused by aging.

It blocks the action of free radical that are at the origin of skin aging. It also fights against dark spots that appear after unprotected and prolonged exposure to UV rays.

As an all-purpose active ingredient, Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for treating and relieving blemished skin, it reduces hyperpigmentation caused by skin inflammation.

It strengthens the hydrolipidic film, which helps maintain the hydration and tonicity of the skin. It activates blood microcirculation to accelerate cell regeneration, but also to improve wound healing.

Vitamin E added in Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion fights against skin aging and hyperpigmentation at its source (sun exposure, age, inflammation). The skin of the face, neck and hands becomes lighter and free of dark or red spots.

Advice for use

Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion: the best anti-hyperpigmentation care.

Say goodbye to dark spots! The Micro Emulsion is a dermocosmetic treatment that removes and reduces dark and red spots on the face and the body. This cream is effective as a day care and as a night care.

It protects and soothes irritated and damaged skins. Its action leads to the regeneration of the hyperpigmented epidermis and so to an even complexion.

Before any exposure to the sun, make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen.


How to apply the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion?

Apply the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion twice a day: in the morning before make-up and in the evening to a clean and dry skin.

Pour a small amount of the cream onto your fingers and apply it all over your face and neck. Press your fingertips slightly on the skin to make the cream penetrate well.

The Micro-Emulsion can be used as a treatment on hyperpigmented areas of the face and body. These areas are isolated and covered with dark, brown or red spots.


Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion: for what skin type ?

All skin types tolerate Floxia’s Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion. But it will be even more suitable for:

  • Mature skins,
  • Damaged skins,
  • Reactive skins,
  • Sensitive to very sensitive skin,
  • Dry and dehydrated skins,
  • Skins prone to blemishes,
  • Inflamed


To which parts of the body should I apply the hyperpigmentation treatment?

Floxia anti dark spot cream can be applied to the face, neck and hands. It is effective on all visible pigment spots on the epidermis. It acts against the damages of the sun on the skin, against dark spots due to skin aging and against hyperpigmentation linked to an inflammatory reaction.

If your skin is reactive and struggling to heal without leaving red marks, apply some Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion to the wound. Do this routine until you see a reduction of the skin inflammation. The more you apply the product, the more the redness decreases.

If the cream comes in contact with the eyes or mouth, rinse thoroughly with clear water.


How long should I use Floxia Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion?

Dermatologists recommend to use the the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion twice a day for at least 3 months. Continue the application until you get the expected result. If the spots do not go away and do not become any less visible, contact a dermatologist.



The Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion treatment has a creamy texture. It does not stick or leave any oily film on the skin. It does not make the skin brighter, and it can be used in the morning before makeup and in the evening as a night cream.



Tube with a twist-off cap

Contains 40 ml

Made in France

Know more about the Floxia Dark-spot treatment

What is a pigment spot?

A dark spot or pigment spot is a brown or red mark, resulting from the oxidation of the skin. Skin oxidation can be accelerated by skin aging or by the exposure to oxidants. Ultraviolet rays from the sun contribute to the formation of pigmented spots on the face and body.

The appearance of brown spots accelerates with time. They should not be confused with melansma or chloasma (pregnancy mask) which are skin conditions of hormonal origin. These spots are dark and uniform. They appear on the forehead, cheeks, nose and upper lip.

The Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion reduces the pigmentation stains associated with the oxidation of the skin. This treatment regulates the production of melanin, for an even and a lightened complexion.


How to remove brown spots from the face?

You should choose a personalized anti-spot skincare routine! Whether you have brown marks on your hands or face, the most important thing to remove them is to exfoliate and treat. Here’s how to erase brown spots from the face very easily:

  • Once a day, use Floxia’s Exfoliating Soap, which removes dead skin cells and gently exfoliates the skin.
  • Apply the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion to the face.
  • Moisturize and protect the body with the Moisturizing Unifying Milk that smoothes, repairs and unifies the skin of the body and hands.
  • Before each exposure to the sun, protect the skin of the body with a Clear SPF50 Emulsion and the skin of the face with a SPF 50 Tinted Emulsion.

Floxia offers a range of anti-hyperpigmentation treatments that effectively fight against dark and red spots. These facial treatments are dermatologically tested. Our products are suitable for all skin types, whatever their needs.

Efficacy and results

Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion: the care that removes dark spots.

Enriched with Melanostatine-5® and Lumiskin® Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion lightens the skin and reduces pigment spots. The dark spots associated with the oxidation of the epidermis are lighter and disappear. The complexion becomes more even day after day.

Thanks to the active ingredient Keratoline®, Floxia’s anti dark spot treatment has a light peeling effect. It eliminates the dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. These oxidized skin clogs pores and prevents skin renewal. The Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion stimulates micro circulation. The epidermis regenerates, repairs, and limits the appearance of brown spots.


Say goodbye to red marks with the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion.

Thanks to provitamin B5, the Micro Emulsion controls blemishes and complexion and repairs the cutaneous barrier. Damaged skin is soothed. Irritated skins are free of redness and discomfort. The active ingredients of the anti-spot cream merge to create a unique and soothing all-in-one treatment.

Vitamin E soothes the inflammation of reactive or blemished skin. The Spot and Complexion Control Micro-Emulsion is an effective treatment to repair and treat acne scars that leave red marks on the skin.


Floxia anti-spot cream is also an anti-aging treatment

Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E keep the skin moisturized. They fight free radical and external aggressions. So, the anti-dark-spot cream fights aging and sagging skin. The skin is firmer and more elastic.

In addition to calming the inflammatory reactions of the skin, removing hyperpigmentation and protecting the epidermis from external aggressions, the Spot and Complexion Control Micro Emulsion is an excellent anti-aging product. It takes care of mature skins and those that undergo the first signs of aging.



*The lists of ingredients used in the composition of our products are regularly updated. Before using any of our products, you are invited to read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Made in France

Our products are 100% French, they are developed by expert laboratories and dermatologically tested with the utmost care. Their mission is to restore and enhance your skin by meeting its specific needs.

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