Deep Energizing Shampoo Normal to Oily Hair – 200 ml

Shampoo for normal to oily hair: sebum-regulating, purifying and anti-oily hair

The Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo for oily hair gives your hair a boost of radiance! It…

  • Washes your hair gently, without weakening the hair fiber,
  • Regulates excess sebum on scalp,
  • Deeply moisturizes the hair,
  • Purifies oily and unbalanced hair.

Your hair is soft and silky. The best shampoo for oily hair is the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo whose active ingredients act in depth. It repairs, protects, and regains hair. Your hair is dense, strong and healthy! 

Zinc PCA and Provitamin B5 (panthenol) enrich this anti-oily hair shampoo. These components have purifying, sebo-regulating and anti-dandruff properties.  

In combination with the Hair Serum, it makes a routine to beautify normal to oily hair. Day after day, the hair is regenerated. Take care of your hair with this Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo.

Active ingredients

Zinc is a wonderful asset for hair beauty. Zinc:

  • Purifies the scalp and eliminates dandruff,
  • Regulates hair problems (oily or dry dandruff, itchy scalp, redness, etc.),
  • Cleanses hair thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The hair is shiny and healthier. No need to tame them! With the Deep Energizing Shampoo your hair is flexible and combs easily. It is soft, healthy and silky. The dream! 

Provitamin B5, or Panthenol, has interesting moisturizing properties to take care of the hair. Hydrated hair is healthy hair! Added to your hair care routine, it strengthens and brings shine to the hair. 

It is good for all hair types whether straight, curly, frizzy or wavy. Thin hair gains thickness and strength. Thick hair becomes thinner and more flexible. Panthenol:

  • Is a hair fortifier: the hair is more resistant to external aggressions,
  • Beautifies the hair: it sheaths the hair, does not weigh it down and detangles it when washing,
  • Activates hair growth: it is perfect for boosting hair growth and it has anti hair loss properties,
  • Soothes irritated scalps: it relieves itching.

What are you waiting for to wash your hair with the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo? This hair care combines Zinc and Panthenol to sublimate and take care of your wonderful hair!

Advice for use

How to use the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo?

Pour a small amount of Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo into the palm of your hand. Spread the product along the roots. Leave for 2-3 minutes. This is the time required for the active ingredients to penetrate the hair and repair it from the inside. 

Massage your skull with the fingertips. Spread the shampoo all over the scalp. Rinse with clean water. Your hair is immediately smoother and softer, without knots. In case of very oily hair, renew the application.


The Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo: a sebo-regulating anti-oily treatment for hair

Take care of your hair! greasy roots that itch, dandruff, redness on the scalp…These are all signs that your scalp is unbalanced. You have to take care of it ! Fragile and thinning hair lacks vitality. 

Because of this, the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo for normal to oily hair revitalizes the hair. Applied to the roots, it smoothly penetrates the scales to act in depth. 

More than a shampoo that washes your hair, it is a care that you bring to your hair. Combined with the Hair Serum, which strengthens and limits hair loss, the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo will do wonders!


Where should I apply shampoo for normal to oily hair?

This shampoo should only be applied to the roots. When you rinse your hair, the product will run down your hair and wash it. Avoid washing your tips which are more fragile. They could dry out and break.


For what type of hair ?

  • Normal hair,
  • Greasy hair,
  • Unbalanced hair,
  • Thinning hair,
  • Damaged hair,
  • Seborrhoeic hair,
  • Dandruff hair,
  • Dull hair.

This regulating shampoo is also available for normal to dry hair.



Floxia Shampoo for oily hair has a creamy texture. Neither too liquid nor too thick, the product is easily applied to the hair. Wet it and rub it against the scalp to create a lather.

The shampoo does not dry out or irritate. It does not leave a sticky feeling on the roots.



Tube equipped with a screw cap.

Contains 200ml.

Made in France.

My anti-oily hair routine

How often should I wash my oily hair?

It is recommended to wash your hair with the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo once or twice a week. If your hair gets greasy easily, apply the shampoo more often. Thanks to this regenerating and purifying hair care, you can space out washes.

Combined with Hair Serum, you offer a complete and ideal routine for your oily hair!


What anti-oily hair routine should I adopt?

  • Wash your hair once or twice a week with Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo;
  • On damp or dry hair, apply a few drops of Hair Serum to the roots. 

The Hair Serum is a leave-in treatment. It is part of a hair care range that fights hair loss and beautifies the hair. This revolutionary range takes care of your hair and it prepares it to overcome all obstacles! 

Pollution, wind, temperature changes… Nothing can disturb your hair! They are healthy, out of trouble and balanced. These hair care products also delay hair graying due to oxidants that dull and dry out the hair.

Say goodbye to oily hair and hello to goddess hair! You deserve it! The Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo is the best treatment to repair and beautify your hair!

Efficacy & Results

Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo purifies oily hair

Applied weekly, the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo for oily hair takes care of the hair from root to tip. Thanks to its gentle purifying active ingredients, it regulates and rebalances the scalp.

Dandruff is eliminated and itching is soothed. Hair is shinier and healthier. The hair strands become silkier and more resistant. They don’t break or fall off. 


Efficacy results

The tests were carried out with 20 participants aged between 18 and 70 years old. 100% of them had hair with oily roots and 100% of them had oil skin on their forehead. 

Results obtained after applying the Deep Cleansing Energizing Shampoo three times a week, for four consecutive weeks. 

  • The shampoo is not aggressive for the skin and hair: 95% satisfaction
  • The hair is clean and light: 90% satisfaction
  • The hair is silky: 90% satisfaction
  • The scalp is healthy and purified: 86% satisfaction
  • The shampoo reduces excess sebum: 71% satisfaction

*The lists of ingredients used in the composition of our products are regularly updated. Before using any of our products, you are invited to read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Made in France

Our products are 100% French, they are developed by expert laboratories and dermatologically tested with the utmost care. Their mission is to restore and enhance your skin by meeting its specific needs.

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